The Risks of Planting a Tree Near Your House

The Risks of Planting a Tree Near Your House

The Risks of Planting a Tree Near Your House

Trees have that calming and pleasant effect to everything near it. It is why property owners welcome the idea of surrounding their land with trees. They beautify the landscape and create a healthy environment. Trees provide shade and protection against the weather and act as wind tunnels, naturally directing breeze to your house. It is why when you’re near them, you feel everything around you is cool.

Smart garden design and planning will help you maximize the value of adding a tree on your property. It could potentially solve privacy issues. The presence of trees nearby also reduces air and noise pollution. At first glance, it appears like nothing could go wrong with trees on your land.

Planting A Tree Near Your House

Despite the handful of benefits from having trees on your property, you should know that one mistake could ruin everything. You may be ecstatic about the idea of finally using the new set of gardening tools you recently bought and start planting. But there are things you shouldn’t do, the most notable of which is planting a tree at the wrong distance.

It’s a big and costly mistake to plant a tree near your house since it could result in considerable damage to the structure and its foundation in the foreseeable future. Those small trees may look quite attractive when you see them grown around your house but remember that they will grow bigger. When that happens, the tree needs more space for it to spread its roots and develop branches. Once you no longer can stop its growth, you will eventually face problems that will leave you with no other option but to cut and remove the tree in its entirety.

So, planting a tree near your house will result in:

1 – Soil Damage

The roots of a tree will find a way to get water and nutrients from the soil. There is no stopping the spread of the roots of the tree is alive. The constant movement and spread will take its toll on the land. Soil with loose dirt, small rocks, and pebbles will shift as the roots extend. But clay soil will compact under pressure, causing it to become denser as the roots move.

2 – Damage to the Foundation

Modern homes are constructed with concrete. The building material is the preferred choice because of its resiliency and versatility. It also is widely available. But the issue with concrete is that once it settles on the ground, the surface becomes uneven. The surfaces around the concrete structure are likely to develop cracks, affecting the structure in its entirety. When you plan a large tree near your concrete house, the roots will cause further imbalance. Roots will leach water under the foundation, which forces the structure to sink unevenly. The roots will eventually penetrate the foundation and go through those cracks.

3 – Fire Hazard

If you live in an area that experiences extreme summers and high temperatures, then planting a tree near your house is a big mistake. Trees standing near a home or building become fire hazards. The tree provides a quick way for the flames to jump to your house and through the windows and vents.

4 – Damage the Plumbing Pipes and Drainage System

The nearness of the tree to your home or building will allow the roots to contact and wreak havoc to your underground drainage pipes and the plumbing system. Once the roots penetrate the pipes, it will cause a massive leak and obstruction in your water supply.

Fortunately, you’re still in the planning stage of planting a tree near your house. At this point, you realize that it is never a good idea.

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